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Testimonial from James Blackman

I have been a member at the Fitness Junction since it opened.  I joined as I was looking for a gym which had no ego, no treadmills and certainly no people standing around pretending to work out. I knew how good Simon was as a PT having a few years back losing 3 stones very quickly. He told me he was opening a gym with two other Personal trainers so I thought it worth ago. I loved it instantly! We started training before Fitness Junction opened. I love boxing and Simon handed me over Andy when Fitness Junction opened as Andy’s forte is boxing padwork and boxing combinations.  My technique and speed have rapidly improved as well as my overall fitness.

I have uploaded a video of Simon training me and then a video of me being put through my paces with Andy Dolan.

Personal Training with Simon (Prior to Fitness Junction opening).

Andy Dolan – Personal Training/Boxing Coaching

Group Training

Keiths’ group training sessions often feature Kettle bells, you think you look daft using them but my god do they work. His expertise in core and strength is excellent. His training sessions are fun but extremely hard. Andy holds boxing sessions twice a week and these are often hard. At the start I would get stomach cramps and couldn’t do more than 15 situps. With the Personal training and the mixture of Keiths sessions I could easy do 15 situps. Oh! and the sit ups are not the normal sit ups. These are ones which work every single muscle in your stomach.

In a nutshell I have always been into fitness on and off and this gym is the best gym I have been to and will continue to use. It’s clean, no rubbish music, excellent equipment, good parking and the other members are friendly and encouraging too. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone any age or shape.