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Gina Humphries

Customer Services

Hi everyone I’m Gina, just a little bit about myself for you !!  I first met Simon McNeilly just over 3 years ago when I decided to try out My Fitness Family, I really needed to lose some weight  , exercise had never been something that I enjoyed, in fact I hated it! My first session, well, I think I cried through most of it, i realised how unfit I was and thought it wasn’t for me , Simon gave me a good talking to and said something that stayed with me, “If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you”, consistency is key!! I stuck to it with his guidance and support and the support of the members to and soon started to loose weight, 3 stone in fact!

When I first went to the fitness junction I really thought that they had made a huge mistake, the place was very unloved, it needed a lot of work. I met Andy and Keith, they were all so lovely and so enthusiastic about the place  it was quite infectious, I was soon there paint brush in hand willing to help out where I could, I wanted them to succeed, there dream was becoming reality!

After all their hard work they have made this place such a special place to train, they are committed to their members and get to know them all and what makes them tick, the hardest thing to a new member is walking through those doors, but once you do, you will never look back. The Fitness Junction isn’t just a gym it’s got a great feel about the place, the personal trainers are all lovely people, fantastic at their jobs, and approachable  and the members are wonderful to, everyone encourages each other! I love it so much they asked me to work with them Xx ❤

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