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Emma Nottingham

Emma Nottingham

Counsellor & Well-being Coach

Counselling is an opportunity for you to talk to someone privately about anything that is happening in your life that you wish to change. Counsellors are highly trained in helping you explore the roots of your problems in a non-judgemental or critical way and helping you to find ways to do or experience those things differently.

I offer private consultations to individuals who are looking to make changes in their lives.  I demonstrate the upmost integrity, showing compassion and sensitivity to the adults and teenagers I work with and to the challenges they face as they transform their lives to reach their fullest potential.

My approach is guided by my own personal experiences and professional training in person centred psychotherapy amongst other valuable modalities.

I work with individuals as a whole recognising the need for the mind, body and soul to be in balance, acknowledging that our behaviour is an expression of our internal and external world.

Please feel free to contact me in confidence either on email at or on my mobile 07399 563406 or visit my web site


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