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Dan Edwards

Personal Trainer


I’ve always had a passion for physical activity and sport from a young age. Playing rugby and boxing were my main hobbies during my teen years. However after an injury to my lower back (spondylosis) I had to give them up. It was then that I decided to join a gym to keep my general fitness levels and gain some strength.

After a few years I decided to take my personal training qualification, and then went on to study strength and conditioning at university. This has gave me a great insight into many different styles of training, from the average gym goer to athlete development.


Level 3 personal trainer

Bootcamp instructor

Bsc. (Hons) Strength and conditioning


Training with me will always be fun and enjoyable (even for the gymophobics) as I’m enthusiastic and want my clients to reach their goals!

My style of training is functional, intense and strength based… as strength is a fundamental behind every movement in life (also prevents injury).

My sessions will be challenging but rewarding for those that stick with it.

My specialities include:

increasing overall fitness, size, strength and glute training methods

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