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Adam Barton

Customer Services

In may 2015 my marriage broke up and I really didn’t know which way to turn so I contacted Simon McNeilly and asked if he could help me.

We met for a consultation and from that moment he has been there for me every step of the way. Not only has he helped me to enjoy training and exercise but with his help and guidance I’m such a better and stronger person physically and mentally.
From my own personal experience I know how it feels to not feel good about yourself whether that’s how you look or mentally.
I was 3 stone heavier and and very insecure about myself but that has all changed since I have been training with these great guys.
Andy and Keith have been a massive part of where I am now as well as they  have been a big influence.
When I was asked to work at the fitness junction I jumped at the chance as it’s a one off place. When I say one off I mean it’s a place that’s very homely, very friendly and fun from start to finish. You won’t find any egos here.
For you to fully understand you really need to come and see the place for yourself.
Pop in and come and see us.
We’re a friendly bunch..
Adz x
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