Simon McNeilly

9 Years ago I left my professional corporate position as a National Account Manager for Britvic Soft Drinks. My position was responsible for driving national sales distribution for the Pepsi UK vending division of the company. My remit was primarily the education and leisure sector to which I was very good at my job and opened and grew many accounts.  It was at this time I had a morality issue and became disillusioned with selling full sugar drinks, especially to the kids market. So after much thought and at the age of 35 with a house and mortgage I gave back the wage, company car and security of a pension plan to go back into education to study to become a PT. I decided I wanted to directly to increase the longevity of peoples life.

Once qualified I started off as an outdoor mobile personal trainer. I trained my clients in Tamworth Castle grounds teaching people how to train themselves in the great outdoors in fresh air using everyday objects such as kerbs, benches, steps, bridges, railings to name a few to keep themselves fit. I also used to train clients in alternative locations such as Woods, Quarries and private land. Due to my age and experience of a stressful corporate life the majority of my clients where similar aged corporate professionals. I quickly discovered reasons behind many females not wanting to go to gyms for fear of intimidation. It wasn’t just the training my clients came for it was also the motivation and education. To this day I still train my first ever PT client.

I maintained my outdoor training company for many years and then branched into weekly group training on top of my one to one business. I kept the same theme of outdoor training and would train my group outdoor. In bad weather or in the winter I hired out a multi story car park in Tamworth which held secure parking and allowed me to continue to offer an ‘open air’ feel of training to the group with secure lighting for health and safety. This environment allowed me to set up circuits with equipment where most of my outdoor training relied entirely on everyday objects. We still operate these classes today under The Fitness Junction banner.

A year or so down the line I met up with another PT, Andy who is now one of The Fitness Junctions Directors, we decided to keep a group training feel and purchased shipping containers to use as a base and rented a plot of land offering PT and limited weekly group training sessions. Within a year we took a risk and decided to put an offer in on a run down old mill and grade II listed building in Tamworth which was in fact the UKs first ever powered steam mill. Through Andy I was introduced to Keith another PT from within the local area who is now the 3rd Director. Over the past two years our business has grown and we now offer a fully furnished state of the art Private Members Fitness Lounge with multiple PT professionals, Fitness Advisors, Boxercise Instructors, Group Training Instructors, Customer service staff, Massagers and Holistic Therapists, Relax Kids Coaches along with Mental Health Well Being Counsellors to name a few.

Today The Fitness Junction Group Limited offers over 120 group classes each month, Personal Training and a fully equipped members gym. 90% of our members are females as they feel comfortable coming and if they comfortable they will continue to come back, if they come back they will encourage consistency and within the fitness environment consistency is the key to achieving results and maintaining them. Come and say hi, it will be nice to meet you…


  • Diploma in Personal Training with Referred Populations Level 3
  • Functions of the Human Body Knowledge
  • Concepts of Fitness
  • The Skeleton
  • Bones & Joints
  • Ante/Post Natal
  • The Muscular System
  • Muscle & Muscle Action
  • Kinesiology
  • Cardio-Respiratory Systems Endocrine System
  • Food & Calorie Knowledge Nutrition
  • Cardio Vascular, Resistance & Free Weight Knowledge
  • Individual Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires & Health & Safety Screening
  • Warm Up & Preparatory Stretching Posture
  • Cardio Vascular Practical Applications & Equipment
  • Teaching & Instructional Skills
  • Resistance Training & Practical Applications
  • Free Weights & Health & Safety Use
  • Safe Lifting & Spotting Techniques
  • Cool-Down Practical Applications
  • Advanced Resistance Training Knowledge
  • Basic Resistance Training techniques
  • Resistance Training Variables
  • Resistance Training For Health Benefits
  • Lower Body & Trunk Exercises
  • Upper Body Exercises

Styles of Training

  • Pulse Raising Techniques
  • Dynamic Flexibility Routines
  • Older Adult Training
  • Fat Reduction
  • Functional Training
  • Core Strengthening
  • Specific Heart Rate Intensity Training
  • Advanced Indoor & Outdoor Cardio Training
  • Advanced Indoor & Outdoor Resistance Training
  • Lactic Acid Threshold Training
  • Creatine Phosphate Training
  • Fast Twitch & Slow Twitch Muscle Fibre Training
  • Pre- exhaust Training
  • Post -exhaust Training
  • Negative Training
  • Forced Repetition Training
  • Drop Set Training
  • Super Set Training
  • Isolation Training
  • Tri-set Training
  • Muscular Endurance Training
  • Muscular Hypertrophy Training
  • Muscular Strength Training
  • Muscular Power Training
  • Plyometric Training
  • Speed Agility Blasts
  • Energy System Resistance & Strengthening Training
  • VO2 Max & Training Performance
  • Recovery Training
  • Full Marathon Fatigue Programmes
  • Half Marathon Fatigue Programmes
  • 10k Preparation Programmes
  • 5k Preparation Programmes
  • Explosive Power Development
  • De-Acceleration Development
  • Reverse Muscle Strengthening Techniques in a Cardiovascular Session
  • Postural Exercises
  • Rehabilitation Exercises
  • PNF Stretching

Andy Dolan

  • BSc Sports & Exercise Science
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Psychology of Sport
  • Studied Diploma in Personal Training with Lifetime Fitness
  • Traditional Boxing technique
  • Boxing Pad Work
  • Boxing Combinations
  • Heavy Punch Bag Routines
  • Boxing Pair Work
  • Catering for boxing for beginners to professional sports people

Laura Reeves

Level 3 Advanced Personal Training.

Indoor cycling


  • Muscle building
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Fat loss
  • Flexibility
  • PNF stretching
  • Reverse dieting
  • Metabolic damage
  • Eating disorder coaching and recovery
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Lower back pain treatment

Ive been both training and working as a PT for over 8 years. I have an infectious enthusiasm for training, especially strength and conditioning, and know that with the correct structured training regime, a balanced nutrition programme and personalised supplementation, with time, effort, support and consistency, anyone can get the results they deserve.

Jeff Maye


Studied martial arts, to a high level. An experienced enthusiastic and focused guy, who is committed to safeguarding and promoting the education and wellbeing of clients at all times, With over 25 working years within the fitness industry, I’m able to establish a supportive relationship not only with clients, but with fellow instructors, all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing independence and self-esteem.

Personal summary

Gym instructor ; Free weights /cardio

Martial arts ; Tae kwon do 2 dan /aikido 2 dan

Personal trainer

Fitness classes include ; body tone, boxercise, circuits ,boxing techniques ,pad work , sparring

Advice on healthy eating/ lifestyle

Matthew Stanton

Level 3 personal trainer with multitude of group class qualifications such as spinning, circuits, exercise etc…

8 years experience in the fitness industry training both private and group sessions indoors and outdoors.

Football background : 6 years in total at both Aston villa and Birmingham city academies.

I like to keep my sessions as varied as possible so clients never repeat a session. I hope to help people increase fitness, improve both strength and technique throughout the entire body and tone up in the process.

Scott Chapman

level 2

  • Gym instructor
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Principals of exercise and fitness


I’ve never always had a passion for exercise until I got introduced to it 5 years ago due to being overweight and some health problems but I turned my life around for the better. I now have the passion to help people do the same and achieve their own goals through fitness and exercise in the best way I can. I always try to create a fun and healthy training environment that doesn’t only motivate and educate the clients but to challenge themselves in a fun but rewarding way!

Sarah de Hamel


Exercise has been a part of my life for a number of years and I have long been a keen runner. The stress this put on my legs after intensive training for a number of years however, started to become too much and so I began to focus on other ways to train, in particular functional ways to develop strength and conditioning.

I have since gone on to qualify as a Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer. I currently enjoy putting together group sessions to challenge the individual. I like to keep learning and blend new knowledge with time tested techniques to ensure each session I plan is different. I think it’s important to ensure that everyone feels a sense of achievement when they engage in fitness activities and so I aim to motivate with positive praise in a personable manner.

Gareth Hudson


From a young age I have competed in many different types of sport including Football, Tennis, Golf and Surfing. Following an injury I gained over 4 stone in weight. Losing this and regaining my fitness proved harder than expected and there were times I was ready to give up. This was down to the fact that I was trying to do it with very little knowledge of diet and exercise and the fact that I was trying to do it alone! That’s when I decided to become a Personal Trainer to help others to reach their ultimate goal and realise their full potential.

Losing weight and improving fitness isn’t just running on a treadmill for hours. It’s important to have a healthy balanced diet, a structured exercise plan and FUN.


 Personal Training Level 3 including:

Level 3 Advanced Gym Instructing

Nutrition and Weight Management

Personal Training in Alternative Environments

Core Stability

Ante/Post Natal Training

 Special Qualities

 I am friendly and like to think I could get on with almost anyone. I am a very good listener and understand the difficulties involved in improving health and fitness. I am 100% committed to each individual that I help and treat them to a level of service that I would expect to receive.


Dan Edwards


I’ve always had a passion for physical activity and sport from a young age. Playing rugby and boxing were my main hobbies during my teen years. However after an injury to my lower back (spondylosis) I had to give them up. It was then that I decided to join a gym to keep my general fitness levels and gain some strength.

After a few years I decided to take my personal training qualification, and then went on to study strength and conditioning at university. This has gave me a great insight into many different styles of training, from the average gym goer to athlete development.


Level 3 personal trainer

Bootcamp instructor

Bsc. (Hons) Strength and conditioning


Training with me will always be fun and enjoyable (even for the gymophobics) as I’m enthusiastic and want my clients to reach their goals!

My style of training is functional, intense and strength based… as strength is a fundamental behind every movement in life (also prevents injury).

My sessions will be challenging but rewarding for those that stick with it.

My specialities include:

increasing overall fitness, size, strength and glute training methods

Gina Humphries

Hi everyone I’m Gina, just a little bit about myself for you !!  I first met Simon McNeilly just over 3 years ago when I decided to try out My Fitness Family, I really needed to lose some weight  , exercise had never been something that I enjoyed, in fact I hated it! My first session, well, I think I cried through most of it, i realised how unfit I was and thought it wasn’t for me , Simon gave me a good talking to and said something that stayed with me, “If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you”, consistency is key!! I stuck to it with his guidance and support and the support of the members to and soon started to loose weight, 3 stone in fact!

When I first went to the fitness junction I really thought that they had made a huge mistake, the place was very unloved, it needed a lot of work. I met Andy and Keith, they were all so lovely and so enthusiastic about the place  it was quite infectious, I was soon there paint brush in hand willing to help out where I could, I wanted them to succeed, there dream was becoming reality!

After all their hard work they have made this place such a special place to train, they are committed to their members and get to know them all and what makes them tick, the hardest thing to a new member is walking through those doors, but once you do, you will never look back. The Fitness Junction isn’t just a gym it’s got a great feel about the place, the personal trainers are all lovely people, fantastic at their jobs, and approachable  and the members are wonderful to, everyone encourages each other! I love it so much they asked me to work with them Xx ❤

Adam Barton

In may 2015 my marriage broke up and I really didn’t know which way to turn so I contacted Simon McNeilly and asked if he could help me.

We met for a consultation and from that moment he has been there for me every step of the way. Not only has he helped me to enjoy training and exercise but with his help and guidance I’m such a better and stronger person physically and mentally.
From my own personal experience I know how it feels to not feel good about yourself whether that’s how you look or mentally.
I was 3 stone heavier and and very insecure about myself but that has all changed since I have been training with these great guys.
Andy and Keith have been a massive part of where I am now as well as they  have been a big influence.
When I was asked to work at the fitness junction I jumped at the chance as it’s a one off place. When I say one off I mean it’s a place that’s very homely, very friendly and fun from start to finish. You won’t find any egos here.
For you to fully understand you really need to come and see the place for yourself.
Pop in and come and see us.
We’re a friendly bunch..
Adz x

Nigel Walton


Hi my name is Nigel I’m an holistic therapist and a reiki master.

I have been involved in reiki for over 10 years. Reiki is a hands on healing with the client fully clothed, it works on emotional, physical and spiritual level with each individual having their own experience. I also offer hopi ear treatments along with all aspects of massage therapy. Over the last few years I have added cupping therapy to my list of treatments, cupping helps release tight muscles very similar to deep tissue massage, as a therapist  I offer very competitive prices. With the stressful world we live sometimes it’s just nice to take time for ourselves, any more information plz feel free to contact me many thanks. 07811134761.


Natalie Bracher


Hi there. My name is Natalie and I am a Relax Kids Coach in Tamworth for children and adults.  Growing up is meant to be fun and the best time of your life but it can also be extremely tough. The day to day pressures our children, teenagers and parents face have a huge impact on their learning, future aspirations and home life. The battles with their emotional well-being can mean disruptive behavior and misdiagnosis.I offer one to one sessions, group work and family work both in schools and privately.

Role and Responsibility ; Therapeutic guidance for children and adults.

Types of sessions include ;

Empowering parents / carers

Anxiety management

Stress management

Anger management



Self esteem and confidence building

Social skills


Body image




I look forward to speaking to you in confidence very soon.

Natalie Bracher (07538 476291)

Adam Ward


Adam is a very experienced and highly sought after PT who’s experienced in strength and conditioning training for the everyday athlete, complementing in sports massage therapy to aid with recovery.

Phil Clamp

The Fitness Junction is proud to announce a new exciting partnership with local athlete Phil Clamp and will be delivering specialised running courses throughout this Summer. The courses are specifically designed so you can learn how to run more effectively, with better technique whilst avoiding injuries. This course is open to all from 12 years old upwards. Running is an effective and cheap way to keep in shape and not only helps reduce body fat but strengthens joints too.

This course is designed to help you with;
effective warm ups
running drills to help with technique and balance

A taster run session will help you experience this method of training.

On the day and during the course Phil will be happy to answer all your questions on all aspects of running. Therefore this is a great educational opportunity also.

Prices are £10.00 per adult with under 16’s priced at £5.00

The taster session will be held; Thursday June 28th 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm and the meeting venue will be Tamworth Rugby Club Wigginton Park. Phil will also be teaching specific strength and conditioning work throughout the course which will be held at The Fitness Junction. Throughout the course some runs will also be held from The Fitness Junction taking advantage of the canal paths adjacent to the gym.

Phil has been an active athlete who represented GB and England for both track and cross country. Qualified athletics club coach level 2, PT Level 3 and 4. Sports specific coach and sports therapist, British Military Fitness Instructor and Personal Military background, Sport lecturer and qualified Physical Ed Teacher.

If you are interested please inbox FJ to register this as soon as possible or simply book in with Phil direct on 07977 938124 or

Phil Clamp – BA(Hons) Pgce(Fahe) Dip.ftst

Learn from the best !

Richard Clarke

Tamworth Kettlebell Club
Weekly coaching sessions (60 minutes) every Thursday 6.30pm
Every session is a whole-body workout combining strength and aerobic training, suitable for all abilities.
Benefits include:
Fat loss
Cardiovascular conditioning
Muscle toning
Core strength
Improved flexibility/mobility
Price packages:
£25 buys you 4 sessions (valid for 4 weeks)
£16 buys you 2 sessions (valid for 4 weeks)
£10 buys you 1 session (PAYG option)
Limited spaces available per program (20) Book in advance to avoid disappointment
What does it include…? Everything you need to help reach your fitness goals
-Weekly group coaching sessions
-Your very own Kettlebell while on the program
-Home or gym program
-Nutrition coaching tailored to your goal for optimal results
-Meal plan example
-Email support and closed access support group
-Health and performance supplement protocols
All training, assessments and nutrition advice delivered by highly skilled and qualified coaches.
Contact details.
Richard J Clark
📞 07868702665
Personal Health & Fitness Trainer
Sports Therapist
IKFF Kettlebell Coach