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Personal Training Tamworth

The Fitness Junction provides a new style of personal training in an exclusive functional fitness centre.

The Fitness Junction is the gym and personal trainer in Tamworth that you didn’t know existed – with an up to date approach that fits in with a modern lifestyle.

The difference is plain to see.

The Fitness Junction provides a complete package of advice and support.  The contemporary set-up, alternative gym is located at, Landau Forte Academy on Ashby Road in Tamworth.

The inspirational and award-winning Fitness Junction was set up by three Tamworth personal trainers, Simon McNeilly, Andy Dolan.  They focus their alternative-gym, personal training methods on functional training techniques.

Functional Training exercises are designed to use basic functional movement patterns to train your muscles to work together and develop them to perform better.  Basic functional movement patterns include pushing, pulling, rotating, squatting, lifting and even walking.  Movements that we all need to do on a daily basis.

So, at its very base level, functional training is beneficial for individuals in recovery or who need to develop muscle strength.  It is extremely effective at improving balance, stability and coordination.

But Functional Training incorporates so much more than that.  Functional Training that includes resistance and High-Intensity Training will enhance your performance and build strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility.

Every exercise involves core activation, stabilising your spine.  It enhances the nervous/musculoskeletal system to develop quick, powerful reactions and provides incredible fat-burning workouts to maximise your exercise session to the full.

The personal trainers at The Fitness Junction want you to succeed at your goals.  So, although the gym is a no-pressure environment, you’re not just left wondering how to use the equipment by yourself.  A varied programme of daily classes that include Boxing and Strength and Conditioning will engage you and challenge you, whatever your starting point.

The Fitness Junction personal trainers also run Group Projects in Tamworth which have proved to be a fantastic way to achieve rapid results.  The combination of exercise, nutritional advice and livestream videos in conjunction with the motivation from other group members seem to be the winning formula for building lifestyle changes that achieve outstanding results.

If you crave an alternative to the boredom of a regular gym, need an expert personal trainer or want to join exciting, new-style exercise classes, we guarantee that you won’t find anywhere like The Fitness Junction.

To be part of the exclusive club and experience the 5★ alternative gym for yourself.

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