Want to join a friendly, non-intimidating gym in Tamworth?

Thinking of joining a gym in Tamworth? The Fitness Junction is unique in its offering and is unlike any other gym you’ll have been to. This is mostly down to our personal approach and non-intimidating environment, combined with alternative functional fitness training that will ensure you get the results you want, fast.

There are many benefits of becoming a member of the Fitness Junction, and while we will tell you about some of them here, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Feel free to check our Facebook reviews and why not pop in for a coffee in our comfy members’ lounge area?


There’s always a friendly face waiting to meet you and you’ll be able to chat to our PTs and members, have a look round, discuss your goals and find out what we can do for you. We’re convinced you’ll feel right at home from the off.

Membership benefits of Fitness Junction

When it comes to gyms in Tamworth, we firmly believe our offering is unique. There are many benefits of the Fitness Junction which set us apart from what you will get elsewhere. Here are just some of them.

Invaluable expertise: The Fitness Junction team is made up of expert male and female personal trainers, who are all well known in the Tamworth area. What most people come to us for is their expertise. Beginning your journey to a new you can be confusing and daunting. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your general health and wellbeing, or train for an event, our PTs offer dedicated one-to-one support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Personal training with the personal touch: Our PTs are genuinely interested in the goals and progress of each member of the Fitness Junction and they soon come to know all members as friends. This is not a faceless operation; the Fitness Junction PTs are on hand to answer questions and offer advice on every aspect of your health and fitness plan. You’re not just left to get on with it.

Delivering real results through functional training: Clients often come to us saying they don’t feel they have made any progress. This is usually because they haven’t been doing the right exercises or eating the right foods. Our alternative approach to exercise is designed to deliver long-term results and our members often soon notice the difference.

State-of-the-art equipment: Our modern gym is kitted out with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment. Rather than being packed full of treadmills, the Fitness Junction equipment is designed for functional training, helping you to achieve sustainable results.

A variety of membership packages: We have a variety of gym membership packages which are designed to suit your budget and time constraints. They all deliver great value for money. Even if you can only attend one class a week, you will save money with our entry level package. For just £34.99 a month, you can attend two classes a week (typically priced at £7 per session for non-members) and use the gym equipment, which represents excellent value for money. Our contracts are all on a month-by-month basis so you won’t be tied in if you need to stop going for any reason. If you’re going all out on your fitness regime, then you can also incorporate personal training into your membership.

A variety of gym classes: We offer a weekly programme of almost 30 group training classes led by our personal trainers. Because each trainer is so different, you get a variety of classes to take part in from boxercise with Jeff Maye, to street dance classes with Helen Martin. You can also be put through your paces by military man Keith Clarke, or tackle some tough circuits with Andy Dolan.

New friends: One of the biggest benefits of the Fitness Junction is its friendly and supportive atmosphere. Everyone is made to feel welcome and we hold regular social events throughout the year. Trust us, your regular friends will soon get tired of hearing about how many reps you managed this week, or how quickly you completed our rowing challenge! We won’t. Our members encourage and motivate each other along their fitness journeys.

This is only really scratching the surface, so to find out more about what we do, contact the Fitness Junction on 01827 213344, or pop along to our canal-side unit in Tolsons Mill, Fazeley.

New street style dancing classes in Tamworth

New street style dancing classes are going down a storm at the Fitness Junction in Tamworth, where people are krumping their way to fitness without even realising it.

The new street style dancing sessions with Helen Martin provide all the benefits of intensive interval training, but with lots of fun, laughter and music thrown in for a great overall workout.

Helen is currently running a series of 30-minute taster sessions to give people a flavour of dancefit, before a full one-hour set is added to the amazing timetable of group gym classes at the Fitness Junction.

Dancefit classes open to non-members

While existing members of the Fitness Junction can take advantage of the new classes as part of their membership packages, everyone is invited to join the party. The street style dancing sessions are also open to non-members at a cost of £7 per session, to enable as many people as possible to enjoy this fun workout set in one of the best alternative gyms in Tamworth.

Helen said: “We all know that interval training is considered the best kind of exercise to get results and that’s exactly what dance is. However, it has so many other benefits thrown in. We get to enjoy music, embrace creativity, laugh, smile and generally have a great time. You will work out without even realising you’re working out.

“No experience is required. As long as you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm. There’s no need to feel self-conscious or worry that I will have you spinning on your head! We all work together and everyone’s welcome. You just have to embrace your inner child!”

The benefits of street style dancing

Dancing as an exercise has many benefits for both physical and mental health.

These include:

  • Strong bones and lubricated joints, which can help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Boosting circulation
  • Burning calories and improving stamina
  • Dancing aids in lipid control, which raises good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Improved memory through the recall of steps, routines and patterns. Mental exercises help keep the mind young, quick and alert
  • Stabilises muscles, while protecting the core and keeping you less prone to injury
  • Improves co-ordination and strengthens reflexes
  • Great for your social life as you’ll be sure to make new friends in this fun environment

Varied programme of exercise classes in Tamworth

The new street style dancefit classes are the latest addition to a jam-packed timetable of classes at the Fitness Junction, where more than 30 classes are on offer every week.

If dancing is not your thing, there’s plenty more to choose from. The wide variety of group training classes means there’s something for everyone. This includes boxing, street style self-defence classes and high intensity interval training for overall fitness.

Depending on the membership package selected, members can take advantage of classes included in the price, while non-members can attend on as a pay as you go basis for £7 per session.

Fantastic free weights and equipment for functional training

As one of the top alternative gyms in Tamworth, the Fitness Junction boasts state-of-the-art equipment for functional fitness based on compound exercises, set in a canal-side unit in Fazeley, Tamworth.

Members can use the weights and equipment as often as they like and non-members are invited to use the free weights section for £7 per session.

Boost Your Confidence and Get Fit with Personal Training in Tamworth

Did you know that we still have a gender gap when it comes to getting fit?

According to the latest figures released in the Sport England – Active Lives Survey* women are more likely to be inactive than men.  However, the majority of women say that they want to be more active, so what is holding them back?

For a lot of women, a lack of confidence is a real issue.  If you’re already feeling self-conscious about your body, walking into a gym can seem incredibly daunting.  At Tamworth Fitness Junction we like to be positive; so, instead of thinking about those negative feelings, let’s focus on how to change for the better.  


Firstly, remember that everyone was new to the gym at some time – even the personal trainers themselves.  You may look around and think that everyone’s an expert and knows what they’re doing, but that’s only because they’ve already been taught – and now it’s your turn, so don’t let that hold you back.


Go out and buy yourself a new pair of trainers and some new gym clothes that will make you feel ready and can help you take the plunge to starting at your local Tamworth gym.

The quickest way to find your feet in the gym is with our personal training sessions in Tamworth.  Rather than wandering around a new gym feeling unsure about how to use the equipment or what exercises you should be doing, you can walk into the gym with purpose.  You may still feel a little nervous meeting your personal trainer for the first time, but your appointment will give you an objective and therefore some confidence.

Your personal trainer will show you what the equipment is, how it works and explain why it helps you to train better.  They will work alongside you, pushing you on to work hard and making adjustments to technique for a maximised workout.

With our personal training in Tamworth, you will receive a programme of exercises tailored to your fitness level and objectives, so that even in between your personal training sessions, you will know what to do.  So never again will you be walking aimlessly around a gym, feeling out of place.

Regular personal training sessions will also help to boost your gym confidence in another way.  A key to feeling like you belong is consistency.  Once attending the gym starts to become part of your routine it will feel more familiar to you.  You start to recognise the faces around you and you begin to feel like ‘a regular’ yourself.

In addition to working out alone or with your personal trainer at Tamworth’s Fitness Junction, you also have the opportunity to join in classes.  Exercising in a group takes the focus off you and introduces you to new forms of exercise you may not have tried before.  You can then incorporate these into your regular routine to vary your exercise programme which helps you stay motivated.

You will actually see that Fitness Junction is an extremely friendly and supportive environment and you’ll wonder why you ever felt daunted at the prospect of joining a gym in the first place.

Then again, Fitness Junction is no ordinary gym.

Creating a non-intimidating, relaxed atmosphere for all members is the foundation of what we wanted to bring to Personal Training in Tamworth with Fitness Junction.   We feel that this is why our personal trainers and gym members get the best results.

If you want to be rid of those gym worries, then personal training in Tamworth is what you’ve been waiting for… so call us on 01827 213344 or register here.


*figures from Active Lives Survey released 26th January 2017



Jeans Story – History of Tolson Mill

In September 2016 I saw 2 ladies walking past our gym window, I went outside and offered them a drink as it was a hot day. They came in and explained that Jean used to work in this mill in 1939 .. the rest of the story is better said in an email to me from Jeans daughter Elaine. (The black and white picture was taken in 1941 outside one of our windows)…


Thank you for inviting us into the fitness junction recently.

Mum (now at the age of 91) was thrilled to visit the building where she worked years ago and I’m enclosing a couple of the recent photos and an old photo taken c1941 with Mum on the right (she was Jean Bates at the time) and her friend Mona Fernihough.

Jean started working in the offices of Tolson’s Mill around 1939 when she was just 14. She worked there until she married in 1946 and cycled from Kingsbury to Fazeley every day in all weathers. She started as an office junior addressing envelopes and progressed to the position of secretary, learning typing at college in Birmingham and shorthand and book-keeping in Wilnecote. Mr Morley who may have been an accountant at Tolsons at the time would also ask her to check the figures in his ledger. The office window looked out onto the Watling Street and the saw-mill opposite.

Her boss was Eric Chute Tolson who was a real gentleman. He would often sit beside her while she was typing and she would accompany him into Tamworth on his visits to the bank and do small shopping chores for him while he conducted the bank business. The Tolson family lived in Dosthill Hall at that time and Eric Chute Tolson is buried in the churchyard of St Pauls Church, Fazeley as are many of his family.

Jean would often visit the mill itself where we understand there could be 400 looms working all at the same time. The noise was deafening. At lunchtime she would also visit the dye works which were on the opposite side of the canal, probably to flirt with some of the men there! Coincidentally I recently found that some of our ancestors were labourers in a bleach yard in Fazeley in the late 1700s/early 1800s.

There was a row of old cottages on the opposite side of the canal to the mill and some of the workers lived there.

It was probably at the end of the war that two young men came to work at the mill, one being Rodney Tolson Gausden. He had been born in Japan and was the nephew of Eric Chute Tolson, and had been a Flight Lieutenant in Bomber Command during WW2. He died just last year and had been a director of William Tolson Holding Ltd, a company which still exists I believe.

I hope you find some of the above interesting! Thanks again for your hospitality.